Give A Nam is a campaign started by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) that unites veterans, Gold Star Families, loved ones and active-duty service members. Give A Nam is a pledge to show you care about our Vietnam veterans, to show why society should never forget those those served, those who continue to sacrifice, the families changed forever, and the impact the era had on America. Give A Nam recognizes those who served and continue to sacrifice and lead to a resurgence of recognition within the United States.

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As a coalition, “Give A Nam” works to integrate these perspectives into popular culture, engage veterans and civilians together to foster understanding, and work to recognize veterans to ensure they are never forgotten.


What does 'Give A Nam' mean?

“Give A Nam” means taking a pledge to say “I care about Vietnam veterans.”


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Give A Nam is way to show why you should care about VVMF’s mission.


Pledge to:

  • Preserve The Wall

  • Preserve the photos of the fallen

  • Get the Education Center built

  • Educate younger generations about the impact of the Vietnam War and Era